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Claude Russell Style

Claude Russell Style is a creative consultancy offering specialized direction for businesses and individuals. Our wide-ranging services encompass fashion and home styling, ensuring distinctive and impactful looks. Comprising seasoned experts, our dedicated team customizes styles for diverse projects. With Claude Russell Style, you receive unparalleled creative direction and consultancy. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist in crafting something extraordinary for you.

Claude Russell Style:
The Blog

The Blog by Claude Russell Style is the ultimate source for fashion and lifestyle news. 

Shein X
Claude Russell

Shop the revolutionary collaboration between Claude Russell Style's Creative Director, Claude Russell, and the esteemed Shein brand HERE. This unique collab merges Claude Russell's creative direction expertise with Shein's fashion and sales portal, redefining the boundaries of style. Join us on this groundbreaking journey where innovation and artistry converge to set new standards in the world of fashion.

Custom Suiting and Shirts

With years of experience in the tailoring field, Claude Russell Style has partnered with amazing tailors and brands in custom suiting and shirts. A custom suit and shirt offers the best fit for the body. As your personal shopper, I will collaborate with the right brand for your budget and taste. From measuring to alterations, your personal shopper will meet you in your home or office and take care of these details.


To make an appointment or get more information CLICK HERE

Personal Shopping and Image Consultation

With personal styling and image consultation I’ll show you how to dress for success in your professional and personal arenas. With years of experience, I have made great strides in discovering exactly which articles of clothing, footwear, hairstyles, and accessories are most effective for to transform the way you look and feel.  As a personal shopper, I will focus on what is effective, and not just fashionable. 

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Closet Audit and Organization

A closet audit and organization is the ultimate must-have to keep one’s closet easy to maneuver. Whether clothes are damaged, outdated, or ill-fitting, they have no place cluttering your closet. I will work with you to decide what stays and what goes. The discards can be donated to your charity of choice. Most importantly, your stylist will teach you how to mix-and-match what’s left, creating a variety of outfits to maximize your wardrobe versatility.


To make an appointment or get more information CLICK HERE

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