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Laquan Smith - NYFW F/W 23

Laquan Smith is a fashion designer who has been making waves in the industry for several years now. His recent fall/winter 2023 collection was highly anticipated by fashion enthusiasts, and it did not disappoint. Today we'll take a closer look at Laquan Smith's background and the standout pieces from his latest collection. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Smith started his fashion journey at the young age of 13, designing and sewing pieces for his mother and sisters. His talent did not go unnoticed, and he quickly gained recognition from major fashion players such as Vogue and W Magazine. Since then, Laquan Smith has built a reputation for creating designs that celebrate the female form and exude confidence and sex appeal.

Laquan Smith's fall/winter 2023 collection is a continuation of his signature style. The collection features a mix of tailored pieces, sultry dresses, and edgy separates. The color palette is primarily black, white, and brown, with pops of lavender, and lilac.

One of the standout pieces from the collection was worn by model Aston Mason, who heated up the runway in an oversized fur coat with leather pants adorned with the label's logo sans shirt, adding that every so NYC sex appeal.

The tailored pieces are classic and chic, but with a modern twist. Including Smith's take on the tuxedo jacket, with tails in the front and over a polka-dotted chiffon-draped skirt. Another standout look pulling in the chicness of a tuxedo but turned backward for optimal coverage and modeled by PURE giving a full Wednesday mood, maybe this will be her next formal look? Hey Netflix, hint hint!!

And in full Laquan Smith's DNA fall/winter 2023 collection also features a number of sultry outfits. One of the most striking is a white bathing suit worn under a bone-white structured jacket and hip-hugging tuxedo pants with white satin stripe. As any smart woman knows, one must pack accordingly, if you're always ready you never have to get ready. The vintage-fitting men's style jacket and tailored women's flare pants create a sexy and playful look.

In conclusion, Laquan Smith's fall/winter 2023 collection is a testament to his talent and vision as a designer. The collection features a mix of classic and modern pieces, with a focus on celebrating the female form. The standout pieces from the collection are sure to be seen on red carpets and in fashion magazines for years to come.

Images sourced from TAGWALK Video sourced from Loic Prigent

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