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Hollywood Hits and Head-Turners: Best Dressed at the 96th Oscars

Ah, the Oscars. A night of cinematic celebration, emotional acceptance speeches, and enough sparkle to blind a supernova. But let's be honest, folks, the real drama unfolds way before the golden statuettes are handed out – it's all about the red carpet fashion! This year, the 96th Academy Awards served up a dazzling display of gowns, suits, and the occasional shirtless wonder (because Hollywood, never changes). So, grab your popcorn (or emergency thimble for all those blinding sequins), and let's dissect the Best Dressed 96th Oscars

Colman Domingo

The Glitz and the Glam (with a Side of Bling):

First things first, this year was all about the bedazzlement. Lupita Nyong'o's Armani Privé gown looked like it swallowed a disco ball whole (in the best way possible), while Gabrielle Union's Carolina Herrera number resembled a walking chandelier (extra points for commitment).  Michelle Yeoh, ever the queen, channeled her inner dominatrix in a custom Balenciaga gown that could have doubled as armor for a particularly stylish dragon-slaying adventure.

Metamorphosis: From Barbie to Black Swan:

Speaking of "Barbie," the film's leading ladies delivered contrasting looks. America Ferrera gave us a dose of playful pink power in a chainmail Atelier Versace creation that was a walking disco ball. Meanwhile, Margot Robbie, taking a well-deserved break from the sea of pink, also in chainmail - stunned in a sleek black Versace number. We see you, Margot, working on that versatility!

Men in Black (and a Splash of Blue):

The menswear this year was a surprisingly subdued affair. We're used to the Oscars being a peacock parade for the fellas, but this time around, it was a sea of black suits. That being said, some gents managed to stand out. Cillian Murphy channeled his inner rockstar with a custom Atelier Versace suit adorned with a Hong Kong-designed gem brooch, proving that accessories can truly elevate a look. Taylor Zakhar Perez popped on the red carpet with a blue Prada suit styled by leading celebrity stylist Jason Bolden. He paired the look with a Vacheron Constantin watch. Simu Liu and "Young Royals" star Omar Rudberg, bless their hearts, decided comfort was key and opted for the "no shirt, no problem" approach. Ryan Gosling, forever the showman, arrived in a custom Gucci suit discreetly lined with silver sequins (a subtle nod to his Best Original Song-nominated "I'm Just Ken," perhaps?). But let's be honest, the real showstopper was his hot-pink number for the performance – a true commitment to the "Barbie" spirit. Sterling K. Brown wowed in a Dior Men navy suit, a black satin scarf, and a bow tie. And of course, the ever-dapper and always best-dressed man Colman Domingo wore a black Louis Vuitton double-breasted suit with statement bowtie jewelry by David Yurman and western-inspired boots which stole the entire red carpet. 

The Ladies Who Stole the Show:

Now, onto the real stars of the red carpet: the gowns! Zendaya, as always, looked effortlessly chic in an Armani Privé gown, while Da'Vine Joy Randolph brought the drama in a custom Louis Vuitton sequined number with chiffon fringe sleeves mimicking the fullest Mongolian lamb fur. Emma Stone who had a slight outfit malfunction while accepting her award looked statuesque in a custom Louis Vuitton gown with a flared peplum waist and shell detailing. It wasn't only glitz and glamour that store the show on the red carpet this year, Andrea Riseborough wore an eye-catching long-sleeved Loewe dress with a tartan print, bringing the "fashion" vibe. Issa Rae, the multi-hyphenate talent with a double dose of Oscar-nominated goodness ("Barbie" and "American Fiction"), wowed the crowd in a daring AMI Paris dress that took the plunge (both literally and figuratively). Gianvito Rossi shoes added a touch of polish to this undeniably fierce look.

Unexpected Delights and Bold Choices:

But the night wasn't just about the big names. Cynthia Erivo brought a touch of emerald elegance in a Louis Vuitton leather gown, while Danielle Brooks embraced the corset trend in a daring Dolce & Gabbana creation with exposed metal boning. Sandra Hüller went full-on architectural wonder in a Schiaparelli gown that defied gravity (and maybe common sense, but hey, it was a look).  Leah Lewis added a touch of whimsy with a layered Lever Couture gown featuring a whimsical train – proof that you don't need a million sequins to make a statement. Eugene Lee Yang, defying gender norms as always, turned heads in a custom red ball gown by Walter Mendez Atelier, channeling his inner Billy Porter.

The Verdict:

The 96th Oscars red carpet was a night of dazzling gowns, bold choices, and the occasional questionable sartorial decision (we won't name names, but you know who you are, Mr. Shirtless Wonder). But hey, that's the beauty of fashion – it's a platform for self-expression, even if that expression involves enough sparkle to light up a small town.  So, until next year, Hollywood, keep serving up the drama, the daring, and the bedazzlement – we wouldn't want it any other way.

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