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That B*#*H Winter Is Here!

Well it certainly seems like ol' winter has decided to stomp its way into the season with a bang! So time to pull out all those warm weather staples like hot chocolate, warm fires, tropical vacations and warm clothes. If you haven't gotten all your fall/winter 2018 shopping yet, here are some of runway trends to ramp your fall/winter 2018 up!

Animal Print

Yes, you read that right, the trashy leopard and zebra favorites of the past decade is came back and on the runways in chic updated shapes and styles.

How to wear it: Go big and small all at the same time. Pair down your animal print with flats and muted tones, think black or navy.


In Spring is was sparkly, glitter and the ritz, for fall/winter 2018 its gloss - HIGH GLOSS. Its kink and fashion all together. Girls get those whips and handcuffs ready to live out your favorite dominatrix fantasies.

How to wear it: Think minimalism - keep it clean with straight lines and less bulk.

Statement Headgear/Hoods

Nobody wants hat hair but sometimes headgear is worth it. Knit balaclavas have made a return on the runways for Fall/Winter 2018 and are ready to keep you warm despite giving you hat hair.

How to wear it: Definitely for the colder winter days, make your outfit NYC chic with tonal layers, think lux streetwear, denim and velvets.


Historically the most chic choice for fall/winter, no closet is complete without a one or two tweed items.

How to wear it: Think volume, structure and body, pair it with splashes of color and heels, high heels.


Whats Fall/Winter without Leather! Another fall/winter fashion staple the masses can't get enough. This season you could find it in everything from skirts to coats.

How to wear it: If you're like me, you're fall closet is mostly black, invest in a new chic color of leather for the fall such as green.

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