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Faux Fur the New Frontier?

Gone are the days of PETA standing outside to greet winter's warmest accessory, the fur coat. Starting January 1, 2019, San Francisco has put into effect a ban on the sale of real fur. Under the new ban, furs such as foxes and minks are completely banned as they are solely sourced for their fur, unlike lambskin or sherling which are by-products of the food industry. Not only is the cruelty to animals a major push for this ban but also the farming of real fur is just as bad for the environment, with farms having thousands of animals urinating and passing feces directly into waterways and into the ground, coupled with the toxic fumes of formaldehyde and chromium used for tanning, real fur is definitely bad for the environment. Faux Fur has also been criticized for not being environmentally safe, with the use of chemicals, but when comparing the two, one must go away with the cruelty of animals for the better of the environment and animals.

For years designers such as Stella McCartney and Driver Van Noten uses faux fur in place of real fur, in the past recent months Tom Food, GUCCI, Givenchy and Versace have started to include faux fur into their current collections. In places like San Francisco, businesses will have until January 1, 2020, to sell all current fur inventory to comply with its new law. On a side note, now might actually be a good time to invest in a great fur coat, wait until the offseason and snag a great piece or two.

While we wait to see how this will play out, here are some great faux fur looks from the fall 2018 runways.

Christiano Siriano f/w 2018

Dries Van Noten f/w 2018

Shrimps f/w 2018

Tom Ford f/w 2018

Mary Katrantzou f/w 2018

Givechy f/w 2018

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