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Boxers vs. Boxer Briefs

The age old battle that many men ponder while getting dressed daily, the traditional boxer or the new updated version the boxer brief. I mean it comes down to being comfortable in your undergarments, one gives amazing support while the other allows for more gracious air flow to the "boys". This dilemma also come with the dreaded question, which one will your love interest like, guest what everybody has a lot just as much to say about how they want their guys underwear to fit and in general they prefer BOXER BRIEFS. And all for the same reasons guys love seeing girls in a tight dress.

"...It's similar to a woman wearing sexy underwear. You don't want to see a woman with saggy panties... lol." From Sage, blog reader.

"I get so distressed by having to see sloppy man parts while working or just walking around. I get it BE PROUD OF YOUR APPENDAGE but I just personally feel boxer briefs are more appropriate." From Paul, blog reader.



  • When wearer becomes shows!

  • Doesn't fit well under slim or fitted pants

  • Alot of dangle-age

Just a little history lesson, the term boxers goes back to the shorts that boxers wore in the ring, for whom unhindered leg movement ("footwork") is very important, this goes all the way back to 1945.


  • Comes in different materials (silk, cotton)

  • Easy access. Front fly is much easier to use.

  • Crotch temperature stays cooler.

  • Can camouflage a man's physique.

  • Not snug or fitted, very loose fitting.

  • Provides almost no support.

Boxer Brief

The hybrid child of boxers and briefs. Debuted around 1925, the boxer-brief was modeled after the taut, cropped male swimwear of the early 20th century.


  • Prevents "dangling".

  • Won't bunch up period regardless of the type of pant you wear.

  • Provides support.

  • Stays in place — no riding up.

  • Looks best on a guy in great shape

  • Accentuate your package.


  • Generally not acceptable lying-around-the-house wear, unless you are alone for the weekend.

​Personally at Claude Russell Style, we enjoy boxer briefs...who doesn't like control ;-)



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